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Project: Millennium – Olympic Village Project, Vancouver, BC

Client: Millennium Southeast False Creek Properties LTD.

Millennium Southeast False Creek Properties LTD.

Project Description:

1100 residential units

Completion: September 2009

Sustainable Design Highlights:

Optimum energy performing homes, climate responsive design, healthier greenhouse gas neutral neighbourhood, water conservation measures, designed to lower energy costs. Energy savings goal is to reduce consumption by increasing user awareness. Each resident pays only for energy that they use, resulting in fair cost allocation.

Enerpro iEMS:

The following types of energy are metered in each suite:

  • Heating energy (kWh)
  • Cooling energy (kWh)
  • Domestic Hot Water consumption (US gal)
  • Domestic Cold Water consumption (US gal)
  • Electricity (kWh) monitoring only, billing by BC hydro

Energy Savings:

Energy savings will result from occupant awareness.

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