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Benefits of Retrofits with iEMS

  • Reduce common costs through consumption reductions
  • Pay for energy management systems with cost savings
  • Remove 100% of costs from strata
  • Show immediate measurable impacts with continuous, real time monitoring
  • Qualify for government retrofit incentives for renovations
  • Show analysis of building energy use
Property Managers
  • Show value to owner through efficiencies, streamlining of systems, and identification of opportunities for energy savings
  • Become armed with data, saving advantages and results to enhance the property management function. Progressive = competitive
  • Increase rents
  • Allocate costs to occupants
  • Save time of already overloaded staff
  • Create an energy smart building by adapting to its environments – people, odours, inside/outside temperature, light, water temperature, space temperature
  • Enjoy peace of mind, when efficiency is continually evaluated and adjusted
  • Show improvements in building performance
  • Control systems without site visits, or have adjustments made quickly without waiting for a site visit
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and show the reduction amounts
  • Save money – reduce utility and maintenance costs
  • See improvements in operating incomes
  • Directly impact the total valuation of a property and allow an owner to refinance and extract additional equity to expand their real estate portfolio and purchase additional income producing assets
  • Increased property values
  • Mitigate risk with an ongoing program and remote monitoring
  • Increased revenues from residential rental money
  • Raised capitalization rate
  • Increased affordability and viability. Modular and upgradable systems grow and change, new technologies become affordable and viable. For example, it may easily become affordable and therefore viable for solar technology to be integrated into a legacy system.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Offer fair and accurate cost allocation
  • Provide pay for use service, with use reflected on tenant utilities bill
  • Incent tenant conservation with technology that makes consumption visible
  • Reduce energy for common costs
  • Increase curb appeal through demonstration of effective, practical energy management programs
  • Pay for energy management programs and systems through cost savings
  • Consistent occupancy comfort