Enerpro Systems Corp.


Enerpro Systems Corp.
351 Bewicke Avenue,
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V7M 3E9

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Our Range of Services

Enerpro offers services to manage energy in new construction and for retrofitted existing buildings.

Enerpro’s intelligent energy management programs are a complete, holistic approach to energy management needs, and include unique options for financing.

Analysis, technical and program services are included in each fully researched, customized solution utilizes a suite of technologies. Baseline data and analysis form the basis of each new management program strategy. The integrated energy management system (iEMS) is the computerized nucleus of Enerpro’s programs. Computer controlled monitoring of real time performance provides synchronized regulating for continual optimization of equipment.

Technical reports with easy-to-read data and ongoing diagnostic support, are among the services included in Enerpro’s iEMS programs. The Managed Accounts Receivable System, (M A R S) manages accounting.

Choose from several finance options: your own capital outlay, your own financing, or work with Enerpro towards a customized solution through League Assets Corp.

  • Innovative finance models reduce capital outlays and give a structured revenue model that pays you in savings.
  • Decrease consumption by optimizing performance and raising occupant awareness.
  • Recover administration costs by enhancing property management effectiveness.
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