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New Construction

The Integrated Design Process

In today’s new construction market, all stakeholder groups seek design solutions that meet sustainable building standards, new legislation and building codes that have become mainstream.

According to research conducted by BC’s Lighthouse Sustainable Building Centre, BC has been a leader in accelerating market transformation, shown by building rating system uptake and indications that at least 25% of projects in BC actively seek third party certification from LEED® Canada-NC, Built Green, or BOMA. Even outside of third party certifications, green design principles and ways of thinking have risen to become mainstream.

The industry has changed the way they work together. The integrated design process brings together stakeholder groups and design disciplines at the onset of design to collaborate towards optimal solutions that decrease the environmental footprint of a building throughout its lifespan.

By considering energy and water management solutions at the very first stages of concept design, the best design decisions can be made to manage energy and water. Enerpro’s experience and expertise provides education, so the entire project team will know and understand potential energy management solutions and the benefits for each stakeholder group.

Post construction, most buildings do not have mechanisms in place to adequately manage the design intent. Enerpro’s ongoing programs fill this void, by continuing to monitor a building’s energy systems, assessing and making real time adjustments for maximum efficiency. This critical element of energy management is Enerpro’s business.