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Benefits of the Integrated Energy Management Systems (iEMS)

Stakeholders: Enerpro connects the dots between numerous stakeholder groups linked to the developer of a new building. Processes are aligned, and communication streamlined with Enerpro’s iEMS programs.

Benefits for Developers, Financers, Owners and Investors:
  • Positively impact budgets with innovative finance solutions
  • Create improvements in operating income with financing which directly impacts the total valuation of a property, allowing an owner to refinance and extract addition equity to expand their real estate portfolio and purchase additional income producing assets
  • Market a green building
  • Provide a sustainable product with good conscience
  • Set yourself apart with unique selling features – market differentiation
  • Attract buyers and tenants with reduced strata fees
  • Connect to buyers through increased livability, healthy buildings, occupancy comfort, increased property value
  • Reach more buyers by marketing with funds provided by Enerpro
  • Reduce worry
Benefits for those in Design and Construction:
Architects, Engineers, Specifiers, Owners, Contractors
  • Show upfront there are no increased costs for “green” energy management solutions
  • Reduce costs for developers.
  • Add knowledge and experience to the development consulting team with Enerpro’s specialized expertise, and energy modeling
  • Optimize solutions to eliminate system oversizing and maximize performance with Enerpro’s research services
  • Eliminate energy system finance concerns
  • Meet building code regulations and third party rating requirements
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Post Occupancy:
  • Reduce utility and maintenance costs
  • Reduce strata fees
  • Continually optimize systems with ongoing monitoring and measurement
  • Increase marketability and competitiveness
  • Provide technology that is a catalyst for occupant behavioural change (reducing consumption)
  • Continually optimize building performance and maintain occupant comfort
  • Easily manage accounting functions with Enerpro’s Managed Accounting System
  • Show reductions in greenhouse gas emissions