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Enerpro Systems Corp.
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The Three Essential Elements


Enerpro’s team of experts has a substantial base of knowledge and experience that, combined with historic data, provides optimal information to guide the development of new programs.

Critical to the success of Enerpro’s iEMS programs is the continued development of a knowledge base – both within our staff and in accumulating data.

As technology changes and people come and go, critical information can be lost and slip through the cracks. Enerpro reconciles mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, controls capacity, human requirements, third party management requirements, and financial constraints towards the best solutions possible.


The nucleus of Enerpro’s energy management programs is the integrated Energy Management System, iEMS. It enables a single individual to control the operations of a number of buildings, each home to unique and varied equipment.

Enerpro’s technology makes it possible that a “team of one” can not only monitor the equipment of many buildings, but quickly and accurately pinpoint issues, and make modifications – all from a remote location.

Enerpro is partnered with advanced suppliers and manufactures of energy management products in North America. Enerpro utilizes stringent criteria to ensure our partner technologies are proven, will be cost effective, are forward/backward compatible, can be supported locally and remotely and have a life expectancy greater than twenty years.


The relationships between building owners, designers, contractors, managers and occupants is complex but must be in harmony in order for the concept of energy management to be embraced and incorporated at the initial design or retrofit planning stage. Customer expectations play a very important part in this relationship. Through the proper combination of communication and energy management technologies, a building system can be properly designed and constructed.

Internally, Enerpro values the contribution of each employee in their respective roles. Our culture is based on communication, mutual respect, excellence, and high achievement.