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iEMS - Integrated Energy Management System

At the center of each program is Enerpro’s unique iEMS (Integrated Energy Management System).

Enerpro’s unique and proven iEMS monitors, measures and manages the consumption of all utilities (electricity, gas and water). Through the management of a building’s electrical and mechanical systems, improved operating efficiencies that benefit both the bottom line and the environment, are the result. Enerpro provides the infrastructure for energy management by measuring energy consumption, water volumes, air quality, temperature and occupancy in buildings, providing ongoing real-time monitoring and adjustments that maximize efficiencies.

Through the iEMS platform, Enerpro monitors and measures the real-time load demand and consumption statistics of all energy equipment connected to the system on site or from another location. Internet connectivity enables the team to see the effects of system changes at one or many locations.

Monitoring system changes and energy consumption over time with precise adjustments have created energy savings of 10-15% without retrofitting the actual heating or cooling equipment. Some solutions can be as simple as having equipment operate only at required times of the day.