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Our Technology Partners

Technology Vendors

Enerpro utilizes leading edge, technologies from top manufacturers of energy management products from around the world. The most advanced systems result from continual research towards the latest and best components.

Components selected from proven suppliers, are cost effective, forward backward compatible, locally and remotely supportable and have a life expectancy of more than twenty years.

Enerpro selects trades well versed in system design and optimization, who are innovative in their approach, and deliver on time and on budget.

Some information on a few of our partners:

Wago® Innovative Connections
Master Meter
Solidyne Corporation
Temco Controls

WAGO is an international trend-setting provider of electrical connecting and automation technology, providing intellegent solutions for building automation. Headquartered in Minden, Germany for three generations, this family company offers more than 50 years of experience and expertise. WAGO develops, produces and markets innovative components for industry, for process engineering and for building automation. WAGO is not only the market leader in the sector of spring clamp connection technology, but a number of their other inventions have become standards in industry. WAGO takes on new challenges, takes the lead in development and set new standards, which is why WAGO is synonomous with quality, dependability and innovation.

WAGO Controllers:

WAGO possesses one of the most extensive product portfolio of innovative connections, and pioneered that first modular, fieldbus-independent I/O system controllers. Open architecture means inputs and outputs are combined in a bimodular design, and input and output process images can be flexibly configured. Building automation can be decentralized, and custom components configured to provide flexible solutions for customer requirements.

WAGO controllers are Lonworks, Modbus/TCP and BACnet/IP compatible. Ethernet controllers provide fasst, direct assess to data in a user-friendly interface, at any time through standard web browsers.

Landis+Gyr ranks as the worldwide leader with a preeminent position in advanced or “smart metering systems” – an essential component in global efforts to upgrade energy distribution systems and enable power to be distributed more efficiently and reliably.

Smart metering provides utilities with a two-way flow of data required to manage energy use, efficiency, demand response and network protection. Customers benefit from lower energy costs, and, crucially, a reduced carbon footprint.

For more than a century, Landis+Gyr has helped manage energy better. Their meters and solutions empower consumers to improve their energy efficiency, reduce their energy costs and contribute to a sustainable use of resources.

Static Heat Meters

Static heat meters measure the flow and heat energy in a heat exchanger circuit with water using an ultrasonic principle. Landis+Gyr Ultraheat® meters are not only accurate and permit easy billing, but that are also absolutely reliable, long-life, and low cost are in demand in building services technology. These meters can easily be integrated into multi-energy metering infrastructure.

Master Meter is a leading water meter manufacturer delivering technology focused on revenue solutions to the North American utility marketplace.

Multi Jet and Hot Water Meters

Core metering solutions include positive displacement, multi-jet and turbine products derived from advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology, all available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Master Meter multi jet and hot water meters are designed with the future in mind, and many optional devices allow for a modular reading system that has no equal, and can include remote read and wireless capabilities. They meets all AWWA standards; NSF Certified

  • Tamper detection and prevention
  • Patented frost protection
  • High-quality, long-life parts

Quadlogic designs and manufactures a full line of solid-state, advanced electricity meters and complete metering systems. They are a market leader in Power Line Communications metering technology, providing accurate, timely and reliable metering data to their clients for over 25 years. In the face of rising energy costs, deregulated markets and complex energy pricing, the data Quadlogic metering systems provide are critical to your energy management decisions. Quadlogic’s patented technology relies on a known and robust infrastructure – – the existing power lines. The systems are smart, dependable and cost-effective.

Meter Readying Systems

Quadlogic provides reliable automatic meter reading systems using Power Line Communications (PLC) technology. PLC is a method of transferring metered data over the existing power lines that provide electricity to each customer. PLC technology is integrated into meters and data collectors (Scan Transponder) to bring a reliable, robust, through-transformer metering solution.

Patented PLC

Quadlogic’s patented method of PLC moves large amounts of accurate metered data for commercial and residential customers to a central collection point. The PLC signal dynamically responds to the varying electrical noise conditions normally found on power lines and electrical distribution grids by changing frequency and phase until the best combination of variables is identified for successful communication. It is this frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum communication method that enables Quadlogic to maintain highly reliable data throughput.

With thirty-five plus years of experience, Solidyne provides a recognized and accredited source for building automation, energy management and unique OEM control products. Solidyne products provide comfort, energy savings and value in the HVACR, industrial, energy and specialized OEM markets.

Valves, acuators, controllers and sensors are among the digital control devices that Solidyne’s product lines can contribute to customized solutions to complex problems.

Temco Controls Ltd. is a BC manufacturer of HVAC controls and a range of HVAC sensors, relays, valves and thermostats. In the marketplace for 10+ years, Temco has installed many hundreds of projects as well as built up the dealer network for Reliable Controls.

Thermostat Tstat 5

Tstat 5 Series CPU based Zone Controller offers a wide variety of control strategies. With a NETWORK port for simple MODBUS communications, and now with FLASH update over the network, the Tstat5 controls highly customizable sequences.

Our products and services are used for energy-efficiency, billing and statistics by thousands of companies around the world within district heating, water, real-estate, electricity and gas industries.

Elvaco provides open end-to-end solutions for utility metering, aiming to support our customers to develop their sustainable business. We are specialized in energy connectivity and infrastructure, from meters and sensors to cloud-based systems and services.